Date: 01-02-2010
Topic: The end of the test period is reached. The end of the test period has been reached.
The testing of the ova visualization panel finished. The tests were very positive, greatly above expectations. From today ova has become commercially available. Customers who already had a vps on this system are given the opportunity to buy credits with a large reduction in February.
Date: 01-10-2009
Topic: Visualization (ova)
As visualization has become a hype, we have the past year testing almost all visualization technologies on the market. None of the things that we've tested passed the ircglobe criteria. We therefore decided to develop our own virtual panel. Currently, the software of this panel is almost ready. Therefore we have given a number of customers the chance to test it for free. Each of these customers has been given a budget of 484 euros that can be used in the next 3 months on our system.
Date: 25/02/2010
Topic: Kernelproblem
Due to an update of the kernel on our ircd server, the machine became unstable just around midnight. We managed to solve the problem and rebooted the system this morning at 7 o'clock. Server is back up and running stable.
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customer experience
account type: web light
usage: hobby/student
my experience with IRCGlobe: fast and reliable, helpful staff
account type: ircd pro
usage: hobby
my experience with IRCGlobe: We have been with several providers, but ircglobe past our test requirements with flying colors. The personal touch and the stability from the server we admire the most.