Date: 11-06-2009
Topic: hardware defect
Yesterday at 2PM the server went down. After the first intervention, we got the message the servers hardware was effectively defect. At that very moment we decided to take one last drive to this datacenter at haarlem (the Netherlands) we needed to transport the hardware to our own colocation and put the software on a new spare server witch at this time was allready located at this location. This new location we have been renting for a while now is much closer to the office, so in the future we will be able to act faster on things like this. As we needed to drive a total of 360 Km to make this happen, the new server with the software was booted at 3AM the dns apache and other things needed to be mass ajusted this took us up to 5AM. After witch I personally needed a sleep. this morning at about 9 pm the secondary dns server had not yet updated automatically so I started to update it manually.
Date: 26-10-2008
Topic: Broken router, server
At the Nossegem datacenter a core router has reported defect. From 17:32 until 20:05 we are unable to contact the server
Date: 23/08/08
Topic: Server down
From 4am until 14pm the server was down due to a faulty PSU. The power suply is now replaced by a new one and al services are back up. We apologise for any inconvenience.
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customer experience
account type: ircd pro
usage: hobby
my experience with IRCGlobe: We are very satisfied concerning ircglobe. Particularly the fast response which you get if you send an email. The server has never been down and therefore also the server is experienced constantly online.
account type: web light
usage: professional
my experience with IRCGlobe: because our repaires are send by mail, we need a stable medium.