Date: 20/08/2008
Topic: maintenance server
From wensday 20/08 untill the moring of thursday 21/08 maintenance has been planned on the server In this time the server will be out of service a number of times. UPDATE: Server is up and running again after a serious hardware upgrade (two harddisks and some more memory). The old harddisks failed service after 4 years of work. Hopfully we are set now for another verry long uptime.
Date: 2008-06-29
Topic: unreachable
Today at 19:30 the server became unreachable, we have made contact with the datacenter and they said it will be solved within an hour.
Date: 2005-09-14
Topic: Apache suexec

As from present suexec have been activated on our servers. This means among other things that uploaded files will be saved under the user.

Apart from the current active security on the ircglobe servers, you have the additional ability to protect your password files by setting files to mode 700

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