Webmin is your own panel for the management of:

  • Subdomains
  • DNS
  • Email addresses
  • Cron tasks
  • Passwords
  • Htaccess
  • ...

Webmin can be approached via http://webmin.ircglobe.org.

customer experience
website: http://www.chat4usall.nl/
account type: vps pro
usage: hobby
my experience with IRCGlobe: Experience what I have with this company I call extremely excellent. This company You can call a second Xs4all, the company is very involved with clients and take all time to help you with the most difficult things. Price and quality are perfectly in proportion with each other.
website: http://www.efp.be
account type: web light
usage: professional
my experience with IRCGlobe: because our repaires are send by mail, we need a stable medium.