General conditions

Files located on the ircglobe servers are property of the file owner. As owner of these files you are personally responsible for any copyrights, or any other legal issues your files may have! The ircglobe box administrators may check your files and block or delete any illegal or assumed illegal context of your shell.

Ircglobe holds the right to close your account after 2 warnings of the same type or if your payments are not received for longer then 30 days. After closing your shell you have 10 work days to request a backup of your shell. If your shell is over quota files will be automatically deleted when your grace period has passed! If any kind of underaged porn is located in your shell, this will be deleted after a backup has been sent to childfocus, including all connective ties to your shell and your personal data!. Third party access is not allowed! If you need support we are always happy to help you! Attack tools of any kind including root kits will immediately resold in a lawsuit! In case of legal dispute we hold the right to release your personal data.

type abonnement: web pro
gebruik: professioneel
mijn ervaring met IRCGlobe: wij zijn content 100% up steeds veel vernieuwing altijd up to date ni van laat de boel maar draaien
type abonnement: ircd light
gebruik: hobby
mijn ervaring met IRCGlobe: goed nog nooit problemen gehad goeie service